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WMC Training Resources

These resources are from many other mathematics competitions from around the (primarily English speaking) world. They vary greatly in several ways. Some are multiple choice, some single answer and some proof-based (these tend to be harder). Some are aimed at primary school learners and some at university students. Some are intended for anyone who is interested, while some allow only national teams. We encourage you to work through papers that challenge you without overwhelming you, and to progress from easier to harder competitions over time. More importantly we hope you’ll enjoy working through these papers. Mathematics competitions are intended to be fun, and we hope you have fun participating in them and practicing for them.  

Competitions (past papers)

For many competitions from around the world, see AoPS’ Contest Collections.

South African Competitions:

Foreign Competitions:

International Competitions:

Training Materials

Non-Olympiad Mathematics Resources

Yellow books:

These are a series of training notes originally published by UCT, they are reproduced with permission and thanks.